The aim of my thesis is to present the book as a physical object, as art. The book is interpreted as means of transmission and conservation of the text, highlighting the characteristics of the paper and the differences between the traditional book and the new digital media, for example the personal computer, the ebook and other digital instruments that are meant to be used as tools in order to find new ways to represent culture between normal linear text and hypertext. To better investigate the alleged topic of the "death" of the book it will be developed an analysis of the characteristics of the traditional book made of paper in comparison with those of the digitial electronic formats and through the graphic project "L'oggetto libro" the reader will also be involved visually to better understand the topic. The thesis itself is integrated in the graphic project of the book and it is divided into two chapters substantially different from each other. Every aspect of the book is displayed, every subchapter exhibits and displays at the same time the graphic role of the book, with the aim of accompaining the reader visually and sensorially. Starting with the paper, the typhography and the printing layout, the illustrations and the cover. Nonetheless the central aim of this thesis is to enhance the value of the paper book as an object, promoting the visual inputs, the graphics and the outward appearance which is what gives the book a unique and insuperable role opposed to the new media produced by the digital and electronic colonialism.

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